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Read how the pets we've helped have had their mobility restored.


Dr. Kim Chillog MD, FAAOS

My experience here at Capital Animal Hospital has been great. The people are very in tune with what Dr. Suber is doing. It’s a seamless operation from coming in the door, to having the surgery, to post-op, and the recovery phase.

– Dr. Kim Chillag MD, FAAOS
Emilie Lewis and Cooper

Cooper went from laying around and very lethargic to swimming, running, and having a great dog life. I know we wouldn’t be here without the help and support of Capital Animal Hospital.

– Emilie Lewis
Lt. Adam Clayton Deputy Sheriff Calhoun County

My normal vet, Dr. Amy Spies, highly recommended Dr. Suber saying that he was considered the best around for this type of surgery. It was a no-brainer.

– Lt. Adam Clayton, Deputy Sheriff Calhoun County
Marley the Dog

Capital Animal Hospital provided our dog, Marley, with a non-surgical option to fix her torn rotator cuff through a series of injections which allowed her to keep doing what she loved.

– Dr. Michael M. Davis MD
Dr. Suber in Surgery

When I watch Dr. Suber work, I could tell he really knew what he was doing. He makes the surgery look easy, even when it’s not.

– Dr. Kim Chillag MD, FAAOS

Because of Dr. Suber’s knowledge and the way he worked with me, I put 100% of my faith into him that he could bring my dog back. And he did!

– Emilie Lewis
Dr. Michael M. Davis and Marley

Dr. Suber texted or called most days. That kind of follow-up and caring on a personal level is one thing that separates Capital Animal Hospital for sure.

– Dr. Michael M. Davis MD

From the beginning, Dr. Suber said, “He’ll be back to normal. He’ll be back working. We do this all the time.” He was very confident and Angus is nearly 100% now!

– Lt. Adam Clayton, Deputy Sheriff Calhoun County

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