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Where it all comes down to care

Through orthopedic surgery, we help your dog or cat regain motion, alleviate pain, and return to an active life of joy and companionship.

Why Capital?

We provide advanced orthopedic surgeries that are affordable, accessible, and delivered by a team of specialists with compassionate care.

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We are exclusively focused on orthopedic surgeries for dogs & cats.

Dr. Suber has an unrivaled reputation for successfully performing even the most challenging animal orthopedic surgeries.

We are a privately-owned practice offering affordable care.

Being privately-owned enables you to have a lower cost option for your animal's surgery with direct access to the surgeon.

We provide an expert care team that’s accessible post-operation.

We give you peace of mind by being available post-surgery to ensure your animal is recovering well.

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Dr. Suber in Surgery


We provide a range of advanced treatment options that fit the need of your pet.
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Post-op Care

Understanding the necessary steps can be overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. From managing pain and preventing infection to monitoring their appetite and activity levels, we have provided everything you need to know to help your pet recover comfortably and quickly.

Care for Your Pet
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successful surgeries performed to date.


care for your pet while in our hospital.


different types of procedures offered.


focused on restoring your pet's vitality.

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Meet Our Team

Our expert team is here to help you and your pet get back to the life you both love.

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