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About Capital Animal Hospital

Capital Animal Hospital has been a Columbia Institution since 1951. Dr Pat Suber co-founded Capital Animal Hospital and practiced mixed-animal medicine until 1973. Dr Andy Suber, his son, began a small animal practice in 1973 and served the community until 2015. Today, Dr Jonathan Suber, has reimagined Capital Animal Hospital as a modern, locally owned veterinary surgical center, providing an established legacy of care for pets and their owners.

Dr Jonathan Suber has spent the past 15 years as a specialty veterinary surgeon in Columbia SC. From 2011-2018 he served as medical director for a larger, corporately owned hospital. In that time he developed an extensive knowledge of cutting edge veterinary surgical procedures; specifically in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Suber is leading Capital Animal Hospital into the future by offering advanced surgical care for your pet in an attentive practice.

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